Never forget – 17 years after 9/11

It has been 17 years since the Twin Towers, the United States, and people everywhere who embrace democracy were attacked. Each year since then, memorials, ceremonies, and various events occur to mark the tragedy, and to remember and honor those who gave their lives on that day. The phrase “Never forget” has become the mantra for 9/11, and really mostly circulates each year on 9/11. So, what does that phrase really mean? What do we, as individuals, mean when we say we will “never forget?” How many of us in this country, and in this world, go each day remembering the events on 9/11, and the people who were directly impacted? And what would those who did lose their lives – if they were present today to talk to us – ask us to do in order to remember them?

Perhaps, more than simply vowing we will “never forget,” more than changing our FB images and icons or tweeting #Neverforget, we ought to show that we will never forget, maybe by being kinder to one another. EVERYDAY. Before we react out of fear or hatred, we take the time to listen, learn and understand the one who is different from us. EVERYDAY. Before we decide to angrily respond via Facebook,Twitter, etc., we should thoughtfully consider our words and whether they are shaming, judgmental, bullying, or designed to tear someone down. We should do this EVERYDAY. We should lift each other up. EVERYDAY. This is what we are taught in last week’s sermon, and we see that even Jesus had to learn to see past his own biases to do what’s right – everyday. These changes we can make in ourselves seem an appropriate and more effective way to show those victims of 9/11 that their sacrifices were not made in vain, and that we will truly never forget. Everyday.

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