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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was founded in 1904 and was once affectionately known as the “Little Green Church.” The manager of the local Valley Park glass company began by leading a small group of people in morning prayer. Over time, the small group grew. In 1908, the first church was built, and in 1968, St. Luke’s moved to its current location on Brightfield Trail in Manchester, MO. It wasn’t until 1980 that St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was welcomed as a new parish of the Diocese of Missouri.

StLukesFacadeOver the years, St. Luke’s has served the community by providing – at one time – the only public library for Valley Park; becoming a distribution center for food and clothing during the Great Depression; and offering Sunday School education to local families, including many who were not members of the church. Today, St. Luke’s continues to be active through various outreach and volunteer programs.

As we’ve been blessed with support from local neighborhoods and friends throughout our history, we hope to continue serving the greater Manchester area by providing a safe place to worship, and to find comfort and fellowship. We invite all visitors to celebrate the joy of God’s love and continue our tradition of service to the community and to Christ.



Dedication Poem penned by Rev. Arthur McNulty for the 1980 Diocese Convention

Situated in Valley Park since 1904,
St. Luke’s is filled with diocesan folklore;
Lay Readers with Priests from Emmanuel and Grace
Unfold a history which I will retrace:
Dr. Hohenschild took reign after World War II,
And St. Luke’s flourished and even grew.
In ’64 the Bishop a building commissioned.
Hohie was something of a financial magician.
The building was consecrated in ’73,
But some time of tough sledding would come to be.
The mid-‘70s saw some ups and downs,
But by ’76 St. Luke’s was comin’ around!
Rich Baker became then the tenens locum
With a good sense of humor and a tad of hocum.
Stability was reached by ’77,
And Wayne Carlson was called to add some leaven.
Population increased at about the same time,
So St. Luke’s statistics began to climb.
A church school building was constructed then,
A Parish Hall was added, it was growing again.
Parish status today, Pro-cathedral tomorrow,
We’ve acknowledged the past with little sorrow.
St. Luke’s moves ahead with courage and hope,
There isn’t a challenge with which it can’t cope.
As a parish we salute you, you have come a long way.
Our prayers and best wishes may this tribute convey.