St. Luke’s Preschool

St. Luke's Preschool

St. Luke’s is a Christian preschool dedicated to providing a positive first school experience for our young children. We believe in small classes where the children can get to know their teacher and peers and develop at their own rate. Children need concrete experiences. All projects are done by the children using a wide variety of material. We provide opportunities for the children to learn necessary skills through games, songs, stories, and hands on projects.

Above all else, our goal is to provide experiences for the children to develop positive self esteem. The children are treated with compassion and respect in all situations. Support for the family is given in a sense of Christian unity.

Private registration for members  of St. Luke’s and for currently enrolled families begins in January. Open enrollment period for the general public begins in February. A registration form may be found on the preschool website.  To learn more about the preschool, or for additional registration information, visit or call Sarah Warren, director of the preschool at 636-527-3820.

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Preschool hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00 (school year) with extended hours available.